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Donor Relations

The Donor Relations office is responsible for UHF donors and for building a culture of stewardship throughout the Foundation and University of Hawai‘i community. Our purpose is to fulfill the expectations established by the Donor Bill of Rights.

UHF Donor Relations manages all stewardship activities and represents the interests of major donors to all ten campuses of UH. Donor Relations works with the Foundation’s fundraisers and UH personnel to ensure that donors are thanked in appropriate, distinctive, visible and memorable ways and are informed about how their gifts are being used. Donor Relations helps to strengthen and sustain the Foundation’s reputation for integrity, responsibility, caring, and prudent management of private gifts.

Donor Relations Services

  • Donor Relations engages in many activities to support development staff and academic leadership in the stewardship process:
  • Ensures that the intent of the gift is observed and the donor’s interests are represented. When in question, helps determine intent of the donor in making gifts.
  • Prepares gift agreements and interfaces with unit leadership and unit development staff to develop and implement a stewardship plan for each major gift donor to the unit.
  • Coordinates the preparation and mailing of annual reports to endowment donors.
  • Oversees all activities for the Founders ($100,000 cumulative) and Hoku ($1 million cumulative) giving programs, including welcoming new donor society members, benefits packaging and distribution, donor presentations, special stewardship activities, as well as working with the UHF Information & Technology Services department to ensure accurate gift club membership records are maintained.
  • Coordinates with Annual Giving and Gift Planning to ensure coordinated stewardship efforts among other gift-club level donors.
  • Works with Special Events to plan and conduct annual donor recognition and cultivation events for high level gift clubs. The magnitude and prestige of these events attracts larger gifts from donors seeking to attain membership in any one of the Foundation’s gift clubs.
  • Reviews data to identify newly qualified members of high level gift clubs and identify donors who are nearly qualified so an appropriate volunteer or Foundation staff member can invite them to membership.
  • Notification of next-of-kin when memorial gifts are made. Notification of in-honor-of gifts and gifts to named funds.
  • Notifies donors when their pledge payments are due.
  • Establishes a structured, systematic program of stewardship at the Foundation that will outlast changes in staff and ensure perpetual cordial relations with donors.
  • Prepares and mails all acknowledgement letters sent to donors of $1,500 or more by the UH Foundation president and all acknowledgement letters sent to donors of $10,000 or more by the UH System President.
  • Assists UH and UHF staff as needed to ensure that donor funded accounts are being used appropriately.

For additional information or assistance, please feel free to contact us.

  • Donor Recognition Societies

    Donor Recognition Societies

    Our donor recognition societies exist to honor and thank the visionary philanthropists who have invested in our collective future. 


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  • Events


    Events give donors an opportunity to meet the students, faculty, and administrators who are benefitting from their contributions. From songwriter's conferences to scholarship dinners, events give donors opportunities to experience the many facets of excellence found on UH campuses and through UH programs. 

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